Manpasand Pravas (Travel as you like) Passes


Under this scheme one can travel from 6 A.M. To 10 P.M. as many times, in any AMTS bus with a single ticket. Ticket fare for children from 3-12 years is Rs.5 and beyond that age, it is Rs.20 Rs. 25/- (suggested by Hingarajia1 as a comment on this page)


Under this scheme, a monthly pass is issued at the cost of Rs. 900. The pass-holder can any time, in any AMTS bus, as many times as he wishes.


Under the scheme, the pass-holder, by paying Rs. 2400 for 3 months, can travel in any route, any time and as many times as he wishes to travel in any AMTS bus.

For Ladies and Children:

Under this scheme, ladies and children from 3-12 years can travel in any AMTS bus, with a single ticket, in any route from 12 Noon to 7 PM. From Monday to Friday. The rate for children is Rs. 3, and for ladies and girls above 12 years is Rs. 10.

For students:

The students have to produce the photo-copy of school/college fees receipt and Identity card and submit the scheme – form with Rs. 50, charge, thereafter an identity card/smart-card will be issued. The student can travel from 10 AM to 6PM in any AMTS bus on that day, by paying a ticket Rs.10.

Note: A student can avail only one scheme out of student-concession pass, athlete pass or student 'Travel as you like' pass.

Where to get the passes?:

Application Forms for all types of passes are available from Ritz Hotel Compound, Near Roopalee Cinema, Lal Darwaja (Click here for location)