Hire a Bus

Hire a bus on special occasions :

AMTS offers facility for marriage, death event, picnic etc. at existing rates to the common people. The registration of the bus can be made at the office of Traffic General Section, Jamalpur. The booking from can be obtained at the cost of Rs.5 booking is available before one week together with required details and deposit amount.

Fixed amount of Rs. 3000/- is applicable for first one and half hour. Thereafter Rs. 300 is charged for every 15 minutes of part thereof. Deposit amount to be paid on booking is Rs. 6000, which is double to minimum charge.

Student’s Tours :

This service is available for the students studying in any school of the city. Tour can be arranged for site-seeing of the places situated in the city at discounted rates. The applicable rate is Rs. 2500 for first 1½ Hour and thereafter Rs. 500 for every 30 minutes or part thereof. The School / college certificate is compulsory.

Bus-Service for Public Fairs and religious festivals :

Special bus service is organised for community fairs and festivals after due presentation from responsible persons. They have to submit the details for a week.