Signages in English

Submitted by AMTS Info on 27 July 2010 - 7:23pm

In GSRTC, AMTS bus name boards and Bus numbers are in only Gujarati languages. as like me outside of Gujrat persons unable to read and find the bus routes and stations. So, we always use Auto rickshaws and walk.

So, I kindly request to change all name boards in Gujarati and English languages like as other metro cities Chennai, Hydrabad etc.

This is very much useful as and kindly do the needful action please..


  • yes it should be some
    yes it should be some alternate arrangements ,but sice the buses are used by lots of people who knows only is must to have gujarati sign board /
  • Ideally, the signages should
    Ideally, the signages should be available in both languages, Gujarati and English as well.
  • New 'red' buses comes with
    New 'red' buses comes with electronic scrolling board in both English and Gujarati! Kudos to AMTS for this..
  • No doubts there, Kartik. I
    No doubts there, Kartik. I wonder why then is the 'old' left to degrade? Most buses do not even have a Gujarati language signage (let alone English).