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  • Dear Sir, We are regular
    Dear Sir, We are regular passenger of Route No. 501 from Gujarat High Court to Nirma University. We would like to appreciate you about the service of AMTS Buses. But before sometimes we are facing lot of trouble during morning time and we can't reach at office in time. Because of irregularity of AMTS Bus Route No. 501. Please sir this is my humble request to you take necessary action regarding my complain. Rout No.501 From Gujarat High Court to Nirma University Actual Rout from Vasna to Chandkheda Trouble: In morning time at 9.20 to 10.00 am no buses availble at there. Please do any other new Route for this rout or do regular this route. I hope you may understand my problem and its problem general public also. Becouse its time of going to service of so many people. Thankyou,
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