add some new route

Submitted by rajan_abad on 16 December 2011 - 1:33pm

hiii AMTS staff,

we all fully satisfy ur all bus service and its too good.even also counductor and driver are also user frendly...

my request is that plz add some root to chainpur gam to iskon mandir and sarkhej highway.
chainpur gaam to Bodakdev and mansi circle and satelite....

Rajan Solanki

  • plzz do the neeedful...
    plzz do the neeedful...
  • Chenpur is close to sg
    Chenpur is close to sg highway, d cabin, chandkheda.. lal darwaja to kaligam and chandkheda can be extended upto chenpur. nava vadaj to gst, chenpur veshnodevi, adalaj can be started as it will be required as the area grows like anything
  • FADDU bus sewa 6e
    FADDU bus sewa 6e yar... MUSHkili amari ne sewa tamari...
  • New rute start nikol to sola
    New rute start nikol to sola or high court or 88 no go to via income tax most student very deficult chage bus some collage are there sola sciencecity trimandir pls start new to incometax
  • 70/2 Is not arrived at akhbar
    70/2 Is not arrived at akhbar nagar.. so take action seriously..b'coz i are colege student...
  • Many People from
    Many People from RANIP/AKHBARNAGAR daily travels to SARKHEJ/DIVYABHASKAR PRESS ROAD/LJ College. So Kindly Start new route from. Akhbarnagr>UmiyaHall>KKNAGAR ROAD>Gulab TOwer>SG Gighway>Divyabhaskar Preess>LJ College> Sarkhej
  • Nikol Road, Adishwarnagar(Naroda) should get route laldarwaj
    As New Route 66/4 started from Haridarshan to Matibhoyan via Adiswarnagar & naroda, Existing Route of 127 also should increase towards Ghuma or Iscon from Shukan Banglows.
  • increase frequency of bus during college timings
    Respected Sir/Madam, Please increase the frequency of 70/2, 71/1,and 66/4 at wadaj or income tax to moti bhoyan in timings 7:45 to 8:30 minimum 2 bus each and for return during 4:00 to 4:45 2 bus each..!!!!! because there is much crowd at that time and there is maximum possibility of injury accident or even death! so for students sake please do that.!!!!! Also if possible change the bus type to the new red one. :D
  • information of new bus route
    hello sir, pls tell me new bus route 110 & 130/4. please sir.....
  • Hi Dignesh, We have added
    Hi Dignesh, We have added information about the new routes on the website (). However we still need more information about other bus-stops on these routes.
  • 130/4 ....goes in way ..
    130/4 ....goes in way .. new indiacolony .. sitaramchowk ....bajarang ashram ....hirawadi ....memco ....rameshwar ...civil ..shahibag ....shubhashbridge ....vadaj .... 110 and 120 are sercular route from naroda to naroda ....
  • Thanks
    Great! We've added these stops to Route 130/4. 110 and 120 will have bus-stops on it even when it is circular, can you also post information about them?
  • 60 and 42
    At evening time, 60 and 42 buses not departure in regular time. so kindly look into this matter.
  • 116 route civil to danilimda
    116 route civil to danilimda ,narol ,aslali, bareja