Total route covered & duration of travel in the route

Submitted by amita22 on 31 May 2012 - 7:31pm

For any bus number/bus route, bus stands covered in the route should be provided. Means route details should be available on the site for any bus number, so the person can know via which bus stops he will be travelling and know the total duration of his travel. By this, person can estimate his leaving time from his home to catch the bus and estimate by what time he can reach the destination place.

E.g., if I can know from site, that navrangpura to Gita Mandir will take 30 minutes to reach, and I have to catch next bus from Gita Mandir at 9.30 pm. So I have to leave from my house to navrangpura by 8.30 pm atleast to catch the bus and reach Gita Mandir by 9-9.15 pm.

  • This is just superb and very
    This is just superb and very very helpful
  • Thank you for posting your
    Thank you for posting your suggestion, Amita. If you did not already know AMTS Info is NOT affiliated to AMTS. We are providing this information voluntarily for the benefit of AMTS users. AMTS Info is also community supported, so we rely on information from people like you to keep the website and routes updated. Almost all the routes do have the bus-stops listed, but unfortunately the list may not be complete in all the cases. May be you could help us with that?