Rules are not follwed by the Ticket checker

Submitted by Bhavik Shekhat on 17 January 2018 - 11:53pm

Dear sir, i have facing some problems continuously in AMTS bus. around 4:45 PM, at the Bus stop ( Name :- Sardar Bag, near Nehru bridge) some ticket checkers are always standing to check passengers ticket this is good, but they are wasting my time for stoping bus throughout the checking has been completed. When i told the conductor that my connecting bus timing are cut to cut so please you start the bus otherwise i will not catch bus. then he told me you have to told ticket checker not to me. His answer is very rude and totally unfair to me. Then after i told the same to ticket checker but they replied me very very bad manner as he have some power in their hand. So they are behaving like a king. They told me to talk with government. They are not understanding my time importance. They are not following any rules properly. Also they are provided with moving van so they can check tickets while bus is running. While in another country like Japan, when their train is delayed they are apologies in some hours whereas in our country because of these people we are feeling shameful. Please take actions against them. I hope you will take actions as soon as possible. Thanks!! Jai Hind !!!!!

  • Ticket checker stop the bus
    Ticket checker stop the bus 51shutal today 17:39 at bus stop of navrangpura till check whole bus & after objection of passenger warn that we will hold bus then you are realize ? This a AMTS representative behavior with public ?