Rude behaviour of the driver on route No.32 - Request for disciplinary action

Submitted by AMTS Info on 18 July 2015 - 4:22pm

Today Root No 32 Vehicle no GJ-1 CV 6033 from Bhoot Bhavani to Lal Darwaja started at 10 AM and was plying smoothly. However it may noted that Root No. was displayed on front of the Bus. The passenger was asked why the root number not displayed on the display board. At Fatehpura bus stand the senior citizen lady passenger was allowed to get in and he asked the Driver why the root number not displayed on bus. The driver become angry and on abusing tone he quarreled with the passenger and he pulled out the accelerator wire from the bus and from the tyre air has been removed and declared that the bus will not move from here. The driver's behaviour was absolutely rough and all the passenger of the bus was harassed by the driver. It is therefore requested the administration should look into the matter and the concerned employee of the bus be warned and punished. Such employee deserve suspension or dismissal from the employment. Your action in the matter will be highly appreciated and inform me of your having done so to the concerned employee.

Note: Originally submitted via the contact page by Madhav Tripathi (tmadhav17-at-yahoo[dot]co[dot]in). We are posting it as a separate Forum Topic on his behalf.
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    Today, Root No. 49 Ghuma to Meghaninagarm, Bus from Ghuma at 9.10-9.20am. The driver speaking in Hindi was driving very rough. It was a heavy rain previous night and still it is raining. One passanger trying to step-in to Bus was felt down on the road at entrnace gate and drivier didn't know anything cause as he put the first step, the driver speed up the bus, it seems that he even did not look in to the side glass of the bus at step-in door side. Another lady who started from Star Bazar has the same experience. She did not felt down but she hardly managed to keep her self in bus and took the seat. Same experiece with other passengers who stepped in bus was unsafe while step in to the bus even you can not hold the bars-poles it may skip from your hand cause of bus ran with full speed & bus shocked cause driver was changing gears with full accelerator.
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    Route no 123vasana to sita ram chowk bus driver behavior so rudely they can't give Any type of respect to any passengers and use many types of rough words use when ladies standing near by them and no stop the bus on bus stop when bus is empty what was that I really want to some action on this because when I call ur amts help line number they also can't given answer and specifically TKR41 driver such very Third class person they have no manners how to talk passengers.and mostly this person don't stop the bus on bus stop when passengers standing on bus stop