Route No. 66/3: Irregularities

Submitted by AMTS Info on 27 July 2010 - 5:41pm

I have taken one pass while crediting 1200 Rs for three months to move in any bus in ahmedabad city by amts service.

Especially I use bus 66/3 to attend my duty these bus schedules at 9:10 PM are being cancelled every now and then I have already lodge complain at Kalupur AMTS office.

If such type of buses are cancel , I and other passenger put in trouble and we have to spend more money therefore Kindly have suitable action for regular bus service or I may Kindly be refund the amount for AMTS pass.

Mayur Rupala

  • Dear Sir/Madam, The bus route
    Dear Sir/Madam, The bus route number 66/3 is really very irregular. And there is no any bus between 6.15 AM to 7:15 AM... and its pick time for the passanegers who do updown from NARODA to Incometax or stop ahead that like Usmanpura, Naranpura, Khatraj etc.... And also there is no any other AMTS service which goes directly to Usmanpura or Naranpura. So please kindly request you to make the regular service of 66/3...... Note: This recurring complaint about Route 66/3 was posted by Hardik Mistry (hardikmistry155-at-gmail[dot]com) on this page.
  • I want to know the bus route
    I want to know the bus route from Chanakyapuri to C.G. Road (whether single route or double route). How to go from Chanakyapuri to C.G. Road?
  • The bus number 66/3, every
    The bus number 66/3, every morning time 6:50 never, never come regularly. That bus time is best suitable for the persons who are working those who need to reach office ontime and for the Students too. But that bus never come without any obvious reason. So if i have to reach Naranpura, i must have to take special personal auto to reach that is out of my budget. I want to complaint directly to Mr. Narendra Modi. so if any one agrred with me, please help me to solve this. And bus Controller officer always says, bus will come, bus will come but never come. Hardik Contact :