Route No. 58: Irregularities

Submitted by AMTS Info on 23 February 2012 - 12:36pm


We are daily travelling from route 58 from Kush Society to Thaltej.From few days there is lots of problem in services.Many of Bus is cancelled on daily basis.Many times we have to wait for 1 hour for next bus.This is one of the thirdclass services we seen from AMTS.There is lots of service people and students also travelling from this route.We have no other option because only 58 is running in this route.Even in evening there is no any proper time of bus.So look at this matter seriously and solve the problem.

Note: Submitted by Mahendra B (mahendra.pb-at-gmail[dot]com) as a comment on this page. We are re-posting it as a separate Forum topic on his behalf.