Route No. 401: Buses Cancelled

Submitted by AMTS Info on 13 November 2011 - 9:39pm

I was at old vadaj bus stand on 2nd Nov 2011 at 8:30 pm & looking for the bus 401 to reach my home which is in Chandkheda. At that time 04 (four) bus of route no. 401 camed but all the buses were cancelled and ended at wadaj bus stop.

Despite of repeated asking the controller for the reason of cancellation of that buses, he replied very rudely and told me it is not your matter, if you have any problem that contact our C.M. Mr. Modiji.

I was with my family and waited there for more than 1 hour. After repeated request and public voice at last they started the bus and we reached home at 10:00 PM.
I feel the system which is developing in AMTS is just like blue line buses of Delhi. If the system is not corrected that we have to face the same havoc as the public of Delhi faced with Blue Line Buses.

It is my humble request to entertain this problem seriously and make surprise visit to all bus stand to know the seriousness of this problem...

Originally submitted as a comment on this page by Santosh Merotha (contact_satish-at-rediffmail[dot]com). We are re-posting it as a separate complaint on his behalf.