Route No. 40/1: Non-maintenance of time-schedule

Submitted by AMTS Info on 7 June 2012 - 4:51pm

/Namoskar/ It is indeed surprising to note that though 16- 18 buses of SMR series plying between Iskon Mandir & Vinobabave Nagar, no control room whether nearer to Iskon Mandir stop nor Vinobabave Nagar Stop, due this, there is no time schedule maintenance properly in all above buses. Non only this, these buses don't ply in its route especially from Bombay Conductor bus stop / Vatva Patia Torrent Power Plant road, some of the buses makes short cut routes particularly said points at evening time. There are 2 or 3 buses plying in one direction one by one for a sake of 2 - 3 minutes difference gap.

When contacting Maninagar depot controller, simply receiving reply that Vatva Rly. Gate Closure and traffic jam in city area.

Sir peak hours while office time start / closure such reply is acceptable but 12 noon to 5 PM no such reply from controller is acceptable or genuine. Especially contract buses conditions like SMR / BRR etc. is very poor, it is really surprising how AMTS Management permits to ply in respective routes.

It is regular Commuters appeal that said buses services must be improved as well as condition of the buses too ( not to be injured to commuters).

Hope Concerned authority will take suitable action to improve the services to commuters and to get rid off from existing agony.

Note: Originally submitted by S. Vaithianathan (vaithitou-at-hotmail[dot]com) using the contact form. We are posting as a separate Forum Topic on his/her behalf.