Route No. 40/1: Bus does not stop at Nika Tubes Bus-stop

Submitted by AMTS Info on 25 March 2012 - 7:13pm

Occasionally it happens that I try to stop my bus no 40/1 (Vivekanand nagar to Iskon mandir) at Nika Tubes but the bus driver speeds away without stopping at bus stop.
It is disgusting to see that even after my waving the driver does not stop the bus, though there are vacant seats available in the bus.

This happened continuously for the last two days. I reported this negligent behaviour of the driver on the AMTS No. 079-25391881 on date 23.03.2012. Again I reported this when the bus did not stop today at the said time and place.

kindly note that I had great difficulty when there was bus strike and the bus no. 40/1 did not ply due to pilgrimage to DAKOR before HOLI festival

Note: Originally submitted by Pooja Tiwari (tiwaripooja2589-at-gmail[dot]com) via the contact form. We are re-posting it as a Forum Topic on her behalf.