Route No. 14/1: Misbehaving Driver and Conductor

Submitted by AMTS Info on 21 May 2012 - 10:54am


I had the chance to travel by Bus Route Number 14/1, which is plying from Lal Darwaja Terminus to Vatva Railway Crossing. Two days back I was travelling by bus No.JT 824,I think and experienced the bus driver and the conductor horribly mis behaving with the commuters in different ways, like on one side the Driver will ask the passenger to get down too hurridly, and other side the conductor will ask the passenger why you are not jumping too speedily into bus while alighting. Also the conductor and driver were find joinining in harassing the passengers for changes, keep change ready and at one juncture a passenger was also pushed out of the bus for not having change. More heinous act was that the Driver has asked all the passengers to get down before reaching the last bus stand that is Vatva Railway corssing which is on the north end of the newly constructed brindge, but the driver vacated at the south end means one stand ahead of the last bus stop and returned the bus back to Laldarwaja.

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