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Submitted by AMTS Info on 30 July 2011 - 12:06pm


I am living at Dev Reseidency near vandematram city, New SG Road, Gota and my job at Hatkeshwar(Khokhara). At present no any AMTS route operated from here. For going on, we have to travel by auto or some other. So please start a new rout of AMTS bus 'Vandematram City to Hatkeshwar. And we are requisting to you to start one more route from Vandematram City to Lal darwaja (Via. Nehrubridge). Many of my friends & other peoples are also troubled from this. Its a very humble request to you. Waiting for your positive reply.

Kaushik Variya
M. +91 9429133990

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  • To AMTS,
    To AMTS, 08/10/2011 Hello Sir, I live at AWAS PARK (One stop from Nobal Nagar). Currently there is not any bus on this road which directly goes to Sarangpur. We have to take Rt. 105 or take rickshaw till Kotarpur, and take 126 which goes to Sarangpur. It remains very hectic schedule as many times bus does not come in time. Hence not only I, but also many people of our area are facing problem when we have to go to Kubernagar market or Patia or Kalupur. There is heavy demand of the people of or region which covers commuters from right from Nana Chiloda area, Ved bungalow area, Awas park, Nobal nagar etc. Often we have to hire rickshaw to go Kubernagar, Patia, and Kalupur and this pay hefty amounts as rickshaw fare. If a new route is provided to us from Naroda Industrial Are to Kalupur (Via Nana Chiloda - Nobla Nagar - G-Ward - Patia - Memco - Chamunda and Kalupur, till Sarangpur. This will serve great purpose to our area and we will be relieved from begging to rickshaw wallas. I hope you understand our genuine trouble and start the new route very soon. Hoping favourable reply from you, Thanks, Sandeep Bagani 9327084480
  • I hope you understand our
    I hope you understand our genuine trouble and start the new route very soon
  • Dear sirs. Please Start New
    Dear sirs. Please Start New Rout From Below Detail From : Narol (Circle) To. : Sarkhej Chowkdi.