real time tracking of a bus on route

Submitted by abhi1one on 12 September 2012 - 10:55pm

it would be great if amts would implimet an online real time system to check the where their needed bus is.

like if i wana check where bus 501 is on it's route and an aprox wait time of wait on the bus-stop i would be more help ful
because some times it take quiet a bit of time waiting for the right bus for my purpose (using gps mark ups of users device and en-route bus's gps mark ups) !!

P.S. i apologise the caotic way to representing the suggestion but i have to post it before i forget about it. will update it if i come up with some better way to rep. it.

have a nice day!!

  • This is an excellent
    This is an excellent suggestion Abhi. You may want to make an elaborate presentation about this and show it to AMTS, or actually just implement it yourself.
  • Route no 151/2 bus. C bus
    Route no 151/2 bus. C bus was closed 5 month and two bus cancel deaily open all bus and 4-5 bus send nandej barejadi