no buses of Route no 144,144/1 on the road on the time

Submitted by nirav09 on 11 December 2011 - 6:45pm

i am travelling from sarangpur to gravity house . when i am returning , between 6 to 7:30 there were no bus service in this route and when we asked to the conductors/driver when finally if any bus came they said there were many bus goes before them then where they go?!! isn't it look like foolish. as far as i know buses have gps system so if u can track you can find thisproblem
hope if there is anbody who consider this & react on this matter.

  • To, AMTS, We are daily
    To, AMTS, We are daily travelling from Haridarshan society to Lal Bunglow and from Lal Bunglow to Haridarshan.In evening the bus comes from Thaltej to Kush Society route 58 at 6.30P.M.,6.45P.M. and 7.30P.M. is never stop by driver even there is space in bus.This is one of thirdclass service which provide by AMTS.We people dont know reason behind this that there is bus stop and driver never stop the bus.After we have to wait for another 30 minutes for next bus.The problem is from Lal bunglow to Naroda and Nava Naroda only one bus route is there is it is 58 and no other route.We people request you to do need full and give instructiuon to Driver and Conductor. Regards, Mahen. Nava Naroda,Hari Darshan Society.