Irresponsible Driving and misbehavior by AMTS Driver

Submitted by AMTS Info on 27 April 2011 - 12:17pm

Respected Sir

This complain is regarding rough driving and misbehaviour of AMTS bus driver of bus reg. no GJ-1-BV-8720

This morning dated 26th April, 2011 at 9 am, when I was going to my office, city bus no GJ-1-BV-8720 was on same route from Vijay cross road to navrangpura. I noticed that driver was driving carelessly and in speed, braking suddenly. Bus was full packed. At commerce Six road circle while taking turn at round circle, I slow down my vehicle and this bus was coming after me, instead of slowdown bus inspite of few passengers were standing on step near door, he tried to took risky turn at full speed. My vehicle was obstacle for him for speeding fun, so he started to use horn again and again.

I was on turn and not able to see back, so he bring bus just 6 inch closer to my vehicle and horning again and was enjoying this as fun. I signed him not to horn and he was angry. At next bus stop near HL college, he spoke some bad words So I said him I will complain authority for his misbehaviour and rough driving.

At swastik bus stop, instead of taking bus to bus stop, he stop bus 25 feet ahead and on road.

Angry bus driver chased me like movie and pushed me aside at Swastik cross road, and he stopped bus exactly on cross road and he step down to bus and came to me and start speakin dirty words and threatened me to beat me.

After this, he start bus again and drive away with full speed again towards Navrangpura bus stop.

I here by booking my complain against this driver and requesting you to take suitable and strict action against this kind of risky drivers who are city bus drivers and not race drivers and playing with safety of other commuters and vehicle drivers and don't follow rules and protocol as per standards.

I am sorry but because bus driver was contantly chasing me and having fun by making me keep near footpath all the way, I was not able to note route number of this bus, but driver was wearing glasses (spectacles or goggles) and he was well built by body shape.

Chandrahas Desai

Note: Submitted by Chandrahas Desai via email. We're posting it here on his behalf.