Drivers don't stop the buses (even when buses are not full)

Submitted by AMTS Info on 4 September 2011 - 8:56am

I was traveling from Civil Hosp. to Excise choki by Route No. 800 at appx. 12.45 noon. Ticket no. 0856 (6/N/O)The driver was Lalubhai & conductor Umeshbhai. The driver used to stop the bus little ahead of bus stand. On Panchvati bus stand he did not stop the bus. The vacancy in bus was appx. 30!. Whe n I checkd with conductor he said he is helpless. While getting down at my bus stop, I tried to convince driver, who replied rudely to get down and complain !!! Is this waht for we are paying AMTS and taxes? Pl. let me know the action taken and more passangers saved from miseries of waiting on stand when empty buses are driven away by drivers like Lalubhai. May God give him wisdom to help poor passangers who pay his salary.

Note: Originally submitted via email by Dr Mayur (mogindia-at-gmail[dot]com). We are posting it as a separate Forum topic on his behalf
  • Driver of Bus route no
    Driver of Bus route no 13/1and bus no.GJ 1 VV 8355 at 11.00 am never stop at the Bhimrao ambedkar stop near Ranip BRTS stand. this was my fourth incident with tha same bus and same driver when i faced such situation, I was waiting from 20 minutesfor the bus but when the bus came the driver do not stop the bus and ran away. Many school girls from the Adijati kanya Hostel situated in the Bhimrao Ambedkar Sansthan missed the bus, even the bus was not crowdy and all the persons waiting for the bus can easily get the bus. Once I complaint to the Manager of AMTS but no action was initiated and the problem is not routed out.
  • Driver not stop bus on bus
    Driver not stop bus on bus stop. i have a pass and i have no option for other. route no. 201, 130, 130/2 - No any bus come between 7 to 8 and when coming not stop to bus station so what i do. please solve the problem.
  • Timing of the bus is not
    Timing of the bus is not fixed. Buses are driven as per drivers own will.In the night after 9 pm bus is not available.Rout No:501 is not stopped at ISCON bus stop. As a result of that all the passengers have to suffer.Isn't anyone there to supervise & control all these hurdles? In addition to that buses are overcrowded . In case anybody fall down from the bus who will be responsible for that? Buses in operation are less to eliminate passenger grievances should be increased.The city bus service are meant for public service. If the number of buses are increased the public harassment will be minimized and income of AMTS too will definitely increase.
  • Sub:- Dis-satisfaction and
    Sub:- Dis-satisfaction and incontinences faced by Passengers towards A.M.T.S. Services This is to draw your immediate attention to the fact that many of your buses, particularly CNG buses do not stop at a particular Bus Stand inspite of the bus running emptily. I have to inform you that Route Nos. 82-83-13/1 from Laldarwaja going towards Nehru Bridge do not stop at Roopali Cinema ( Sardar Baug ) bus stand, though the bus is empty. Similarly, buses from Laldarwaja towards Nehru Bridge i.e. Route Nos.34/4-34/5-400-51 & 151 donot halt at Roopali Cinema bus stand inspite of this buses being empty. Also the above buses i.e. 82-83-13/1, coming from Vadaj and going to Laldarwaja, do not halt at Natraj Bus Stand and many drivers only halt at this bus stand if there are passengers who want to alight at Natraj bus stand and they are not worried whether there are passengers at this particular stand who want to board the bus. Further, some drivers seeing that there are many passengers waiting at a particular bus stand, don’t halt at the bus stand but 20-25 ft away from that bus stand making the passengers to run to catch that bus. This happens at every bus stand in Ahmedabad. On many occasions I have to come in middle of the road to waive my hand to stop the bus, but in vain. When I tell the driver of CNG bus, why he has not stopped at a particular bus stand inspite of the bus being empty, the driver tells me to mind your own business and when I tell him that I will make a complaint at Laldarwaja bus stand, they tell me bluntly to do whatevever you like, nothing will happen to us. In this regards I have made several complaints on telephone and in person at Laldarwaja and Vadaj office, but regret I have received lame excuses that the CNG Bus drivers and conductors are on contract basis and are unable to take actions because if we give warnings to them, they do not come to duty on next day Also your attention is drawn to the fact that when a passenger has an arguments with CNG Bus driver or conductor in the above context, suddenly some accomplice or friends of drivers and conductors (who are always on CNG Buses) rudely behave with passengers and sometimes comes to fists. On one hand you are increasing bus fares (nearly double) and on the other hand no good and smooth services are given to passengers. If the drivers do not halt empty buses at bus stands, not only A.M.T.S. will insure heavy losses but also the passengers will have to face lots of inconveniences for no fault on their part. To justify my genuine complaints, I have taken signatures of passengers who are also experiencing above hardships and inconveniences. I would request you to take this complaint seriously and not take the matter lightly and hope appropriate action will be taken. Thanking you and looking forward to receive your acknowledgement. Yours faithfully, (F.H.LAKHANI) Lalitkunj No.2,B/H.Royal Flat, Khanpur, AHMEDABAD-1
  • Not even this routes driver,
    Not even this routes driver, I think all drivers are willing to dont stop.. is it theirs habit??