Driver not stopping the bus even its almost fully empty.

Submitted by Hiren on 25 March 2012 - 12:52pm

The driver of route 51(lal dearwaja -rancharda) is not stopping the bus even when there is very few people in the bus.
Driver name is Babu bhai
Bus no. ABR-46.9.35 --GJ-1-BV-8612

and also this driver is behaving very rudely and stopping the bus middle of the road and go for purchasing Gutkha for almost 20 minutes near rancharda.

I request you Sir, to take some action against him ..please
Thank you.

  • Sir, This is to bring to your
    Sir, This is to bring to your kind notice that inspite of request bus stop opp to Army Gate No-3 under Bridge before Sadar Bazar 105, 107 BUS hardly stop at the stop. I am also worried with the Rash and horrible driving manners of Driver who plays music loud in Bus and get carried away with the music so immensely that they drive rash. This music system and rash driving is mained casue of drivers not stopping at designated places. The drivers have to be taught and groomed with skills to drive smoothly and calmly. I have no issues with music but it should be kept low and good songs should be played either Patriotic or Ritual songs. Not just music but the frequency of buses is also very less on Nana Chiloda route. The early bus service by 5:30 or at least by 6:00 will help lot of comutters to catch their Trains and reach duty on time as some of them are teachers and students who have to reach school on time by 6:30am. Infact there is very few 15 number bus which goes upto Railway station from Nana Chiloda route and that too the earliest starts by 7:15am so you can understand adn imagine the condition of passengers who have to catch a train at 7am or 7:30 am. I have lived in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi where they have very smooth bus services as compare to what I have seen here in Ahmedabad. So kindly look into this. Wshs, Gokul