Driver not stop the Bus on Bus Stop(Route No.58)

Submitted by Mahen Bhanushali on 12 September 2011 - 5:56pm


Today thats on 12/09/2011 i wait for the bus route no.58 at 1.20P.M to go towards Haridarshan Society from Panchvati Stop.At 1.45p.m. one bus(Route.58) was come and was goes towards Haridarshan Society.I and 3 other passanger shows our hand to stop the bus at Panchvati stop.But Driver not stop the bus even in bus hardly 12-15 passanger was there.I also note details of Bus.The bus no. was 7754 and pass from Panchvati at 1.45 P.M. was come from Thaltej to Haridarshan.The AMTS is property of public and not of Driver and conductor.After directly i get next but at around wastage of 45 minutes.This is request to AMTS that to instruct the Driver and Conductor to follow the rules of AMTS and stop the bus at their every stop also to take action against driver and conductor.