Dear Sir,I am Dipak Parmar,

Submitted by Anonymous on 7 January 2011 - 10:26am

Dear Sir,

I am Dipak Parmar, working in Claris as an HR-Officer and daily user of your service from Suvidha Shopping Centre to Butbhavani bus stop by 34/5.

Last night (06/01/11) at around 9:00 pm, when I back to my home, I got 34/5 AMTS bus from Suvidha. When I asked to conductor for tickets suddenly driver stop the bus and told me that step down from the bus. When I refuse his demand, he stand-up from his sit and sit dawn on other sit and said bus will not go ahead if you will not step dawn. Still I refuse his demand and did not step dawn. He start DADAGIRI and told me that I will took this bus to Police station and I told him let us go. Then after 1 hour he start the bus and turned it back to LALADARWAJA. Other passengers were request me to step dawn from the bus and save the time of other more than 40 passengers and than finally I step dawn from the bus.

This is the worst ever experience of my life. I think you should take hard steps against that driver and conductor so that he and other driver thought before they do this kind of nonsense activities.

Thank you,