Conductor heaped verbal expletives on me

Submitted by AMTS Info on 31 May 2015 - 11:58am

I pick up bus number 50 to Meghaninagar daily from the bus-stand Jain Upashray near Commerce Six road. The driver don't stop the bus at the stop and expects us to get on the moving bus. On 27th of May, 2015 I might fall from the bus due to this nuisance. Hence I complained the conductor and the driver, but they started disputing with me, and started using abusive words. When I warned them of complaining on AMTS complaint number, they offered me their cell phone, and challenged me that nobody can punish them.I was really scared, and decided not to catch buses from now onwards.If these guys are not penalized, I'll complaint on women protection and in police, and if the needs be I'll shoot mail to Gujarat commissioner and CM.

Note: Originally submitted by Kamini Rathore (kaminirathore1997-at-gmail[dot]com) via contact page. We are posting it here on her behalf.