Complaint: AMTS Rash Driving

Submitted by Anonymous on 6 December 2010 - 1:44pm


It was shocking today morning at 9.30 A.M., (approx), to observe fast running AMtS bus Number GJ-1-X-9863 ROUTE NO. 90 bus, it seemed as if the killer bus is speeding to kill the target without any obstacle.

I myself was driving my car from koba side towards Visat Petrol Pump (ON Sabarmati Gandhinagar Hi-Way), i had to turn on New C.G.Road, the junction on Hi-way was full of traffic at that peak morning hour, the AMTS bus speeeding rashly overtaked my car from wrong side while my car had covered half turn, (the AMTS bus was running behind my car and also had to turn towards same direction) inspite of me giving side signal both with my right hand and car's side indicator, the AMTS bus Driver tried to overtake my car speedily and to avoid the centre divider pushed towards left compelling my car to go out of road on left pavement., it was just presence of mind and last 26 years experience which saved my car from an fatal accident., after stopping the bus at just next stop i overtaked the bus smoothly and asking the Driver for drive carefully, the much stupid Driver started argument that i am on right side and if you are so much concerned about safe and slow driving why dont you go walking, why you bring your car on main roads if you want No accident go and drive in lonely and remote place, it was so shocking and irritating that i was compelled to stop my car in middle of road and say him let me see, if you are in such "HURRY" how you would make your BUS jump my car and go futher, even the conductor said the Driver was at fault and already i am telling him to slow down the speed but the Out spoken Driver was not ready to accept his fault and not even concerned to say that he would take care in future, his arguement was, if there had been an accident than only he would be at fault there is No Law to stop him speeding the bus, is there anyone in the department to teach the Driver Moral Value of Human Life, is it so that Once the accident occures then only action has to be taken, (shall i ask the concerned officers, that their own family doesn't travel on roads, and if the roads are only meant to run the RASH AMTS buses, why do we Pay Raod Tax.), Speed controls on vehicles should be installed also Telephone Nos. of concerned person should be written in bold letter on all buses so that instantly complaint can be lodged on such driver., proper action should be taken to assure that the mistake should never be repeated by the driver.

Note: Submitted by Mr. Ashwani Saini as a comment on this page. Since it is a proper complaint, we're putting it up as a separate forum-topic.