Complain of misbehavior and harrasmanting by conductor

Submitted by AMTS Info on 2 August 2014 - 1:23pm

Dear, sir
Today,we r traveling by college in ur a.m.t.s bus 105 (naroda to lal
darwaja) then the conductor stoping us for get in to bus for wht we
dnt.know then we ask him why ? So thay push us to out of bus door and
saying bad words (gali galoch) we are always complain to depo incharge
but they didn't get any action in matter.and this is our 56th complain
in 14 month.also they don't stop bus on the many stop like indira
brige,hansol, gayatri mandir, delhi darwaja.i hope u do something in
matter and get any strict action on conductor in matter.
Maulik prajapati.
using id with permission of kunal chauhan.

Note: Originally posted via contact page by kunal chauhan (optimistickrunal-at-gmail[dot]com). We are reposting it as a separate Forum topic on his behalf, with minor corrections