buses not well condition

Submitted by naveen kanoongo on 1 October 2010 - 4:58pm

as buses of amts are not well . some have not seat , some have seat but not proper .some buses have not floor proper .they have broken . if any one get problem then who will take reponsibility . please invest some money so that people can give you blessings .Its easy for you to say that there are rules ,but please rules can be newly implemented so that people can get good service . please do it .

  • Thank you for posting to the
    Thank you for posting to the forum, Naveen. We're forwarding the forum topics to AMTS officials, and we urge more people to post here so that we can force AMTS to act.
  • Buses don't stop at Bus-stop
    Buses don't stop at Bus-stop even they are not full. please do some thing that buses stop at bus-stop particularly at subhash bridge at evening. ply some more buses.
  • Your comment makes for
    Your comment makes for another complaint altogether. We're creating a separate thread for complaints regarding buses that don't stop at bus-stops, please post your further comments, suggestions at this forum page