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Submitted by Jitendra kumar on 1 August 2012 - 6:07pm

Why the timing cant not be linked with bus route & their stops ?
Or provide a search on time,Bus no.,Stop basis?
I am looking for bus timing between 1500-1600 Hrs for route Nehru Nagar to Kalupur terminus.
Pls provide the information.
Jitendra Kumar

  • Hi Jitendra, there are many
    Hi Jitendra, there are many reasons for not including the time-schedules with the routes information. First and the most important of them, is the availability of timings for AMTS buses. There's virtually no means by which we can get AMTS to spit out this information (coz the catch here is if they fail to comply with it people are going to start questioning). As far as I know, they work on a frequency basis which really makes it difficult to predict bus-timings (given the ever rising traffic scenario). Second is, even with whatever information we do have, we think it is incorrect and such information is not good to anybody using AMTS (they might end up wasting more time). However, we welcome any suggestions you may have to integrate time-based information for Bus Routes, or if you are able to help us with getting such information. We know it is always easier to complain. :)
  • 144/1 bus are not regular in
    144/1 bus are not regular in time .Please take some work on that and increase the number of buses also.
  • pls provide bus timming of
    pls provide bus timming of bus no 204 from wadaj to lal bunglow
  • no regular time
    Please increase the route no 58 or 23 or 66/1 In memnagar there are need more routes to go laldarvaja also Like as new route 58/2 laldarvaja to memnagar.ohk. And also tell u that manage the time of 58,
  • Unfortunately we have no
    Unfortunately we have no information about timings of AMTS Buses. We request AMTS users to provide information on timings, that will be helpful to other users.
  • Please read the comment above
    Please read the comment above before posting.
  • Regular one bus cut on route
    Regular one bus cut on route No 83, due to this there is no one bus service available after 8.15 evening to next bus may be available after 9.30PM at Sabarmati Power House to Dharmanagar/Jawaharchowk/ D'Cabin & IOC area. Kindly we request you to restart the regular bus services in these time which is cut by the authority or provide any other solution. Because these time is mainly so many regular office passengers are travelling through AMTS Bus service for above locations but due to none availability of any bus service they are facing trouble & compulsorily we have to travel through private vehicles & it seems like we are living in any old villages where their are no infrastructure available while we are going to start Metro & Bullet train in our Mega City. Awaiting your favor in this matter.