Bus route no 50 on 13 April 2013 at 9:20 a.m on Carmel School waiting to go on shivrangani side.

Submitted by harisj1203 on 13 April 2013 - 11:42am

I was waiting for the bus on 13 april 2013 at morning,
at 9:20 am . The bus arrive there and don't stop at the bus stand . there was noly 5-10 passerenger standing in the bus.
the driver stop the bus 100 meters away from the bus stop.
I request you to guide the driver to stop the bus on th bus stand.
because there where many elders people standing and waiting for the bus.

If there is no meaning for the Bus stand then please remove them out from there place.

No need for any blind acknowledge ment for tmaking the people fool.

And dont know what the driver get by creating trouble for the people. by stoping the bus away from the bus stand.

Please give attention to my request.

  • The AMTS bus route time table
    The AMTS bus route time table have to be online for convenience for travel. I hope this facility abailable in nearest future. Thanks. Dayashankar
  • Thank you for your kind
    Thank you for your kind inputs Dayashankar. Unfortunately there is very less information available about AMTS bus-routes, and it is mostly incorrect. We are hesitant in putting up such information online, as it may cause troubles to AMTS users. However we welcome your suggestions on how to make this information available online.
  • Please extent some bus at
    Please extent some bus at morning time for route no 50, I am a regular passenger of this route, Me & many people facing a big problem for irregular bus service from last month, there are no other bus service for this route(ghuma-navrangpura). some time the bus driver didn't stop at the bus stand, so kindly look over in this matter. I hope you will give attention to my request & do the needful earlier. thankfully, shiv
  • I am a regular passenger of
    I am a regular passenger of bus no 50(bopal- navrangpura), this is the only way to travel from ghuma to navrangpura, but the bus frequency is very poor at the morning time, there are no other bus in this route, me & many other people suffering a huge problem for irregular timing, This is to request to you please start any new bus or extent some bus for this route at list for the morning time (ghuma-navrangpura), please look over in this matter & do the needful earlier. srija
  • Student manpasand ticket
    Student manpasand ticket Rs.15 is closed. Why Amts not a govenment bus fare is high
  • At SARDAR PATEL bus stop
    At SARDAR PATEL bus stop (near Bopal Circle) Route No.: 49,50,151 From SARDAR PATEL toward ISCON, STAR-BAZAR, JODHPUR-CHAR-RASTA etc.... Passengers keep waiting for hours and hours and buses pass away but do not stops there. Today itself (dated 20/06/2013), Many passengers were waiting at this stop, and 7 to 8 buses passed away, Though being empty, buses do not stopped there.
  • Hi Rajiv, next time this
    Hi Rajiv, next time this happens we request you to shoot a video of the bus and post it here. You should also register a proper complain with AMTS on its toll-free number 1800 2330 881, or contact the transport manager at 079 25323517