AMTS Time table Not available on the portal

Submitted by gaurang on 7 December 2012 - 3:51pm


I thanks to you for providing information of all AMTS buses root and its details of stops. this information is useful to all people, who are living in Ahmadabad and preferred AMTS journey day to day or occasionally.

sir, I request you, provide us all AMTS buses time table. It is also benefit for us. I know it is not possible for each pick up stand but at least provide us main junction pick up stop time table.

I hope with you, you can consider my valid point.

Thanks & Regards
Gaurang Parikh

  • Thank you for appreciating
    Thank you for appreciating our effort Gaurang. The schedules available from AMTS are so incomplete that we are reluctant on putting them up for public use. By putting up incorrect information we do not want to mis-guide people. However, we do welcome your suggestions for any route for which you know the exact timings, we will surely update it on the website.
  • Sir. Can You mail me a list
    Sir. Can You mail me a list of all buses with that full root bcoz i try to develop a android application from which anybody can search how many buses are available from that station or which is nearest station to catch the bus...
  • Hi Adarsh, surely we can
    Hi Adarsh, surely we can workout something. Call us at 9824252191 and we can discuss.
  • Since from last 4-5 days, i
    Since from last 4-5 days, i am facing problem of irregularity of bus timings, i didn't got any bus on it's perfect time, from 4-5 days, 8:15 am at vejalpur bus is not coming and also not coming on 8:45 also. Thanx, Sagar Panchal
  • Hi Sagar, we suggest you
    Hi Sagar, we suggest you register your complain on this toll-free number 1800 2330 881, or contact the transport manager at 079 25323517.