AMTS bus drivers & conductors

Submitted by bpadhya on 15 November 2012 - 8:32am

AMTS is one of the great transportation services in ahmedabaf.Bus Drivers & Conductors are the only the responsible person who can earn & generate money,revenue & goodwill for AMTS.AMTS is the public transportation for very normal public people.To run the AMTS healthy,Drivers & conuctors should be educated & informed to collect more & more passengers.
i prefer to use public transport,if possible.i have noticed that some of the drivers & conductors do not bother about passengers.if they are educated & motivated to collect passengers,AMTS can earn more money & goodwill of amdavadi people.
Drivres should be educated to drive the buses in economy zone.By driving buses in economy zone,engine efficiency can be increased.Driver should take care of buses in the way that they can improve the bus life & minimize the maintenance cost.
Conductors & drivers should be enthuasis to collect more passengers.
It is advisable that suggetion & complain contect no should be desplayed on every that people can give their feedback easily to improve our asset.
if somenody from AMTS read this.please take necessary acction to improve our system.

  • AMTS- Route Nos. 56 and
    AMTS- Route Nos. 56 and 60 These are very good routes and generally new type comfortable buses are deployed. However, the main problem is timing and regularity of buses. If timing is kept accurately, it would be wonderful to take these buses and avoid traffic jams on the road by not taking our cars unnecessarily. On alternate routes in this area, both 50 and 51 etc. - buses are not good. on top of that the drivers play very loud and disturbing music. Ant when passengers complain, they do not bother at all. It is essential to STOP this and discipline the drivers.
  • hello sir,
    hello sir, decision for rejected student passes ,pls sir remove it bcause of we r students from an middle class every body cant payable this new high charges so help us ........for students
  • 144/1 and 142 bus are very
    144/1 and 142 bus are very less. Why you can't increase the buses. After half an hour one bus is available and that also gets cancelled due to technical issue in the bus. You know that buses gets cancelled due to many reasons why you people don't keep extra buses???. Why can't you keep bus after every 15 minutes??? Other routes like 34/4 151; 135; 33 ;123 are always on time why only vastral buses get cancelled. We have to wait for 1 hour in the evening for the bus. I know you people don't care about passenger s. AMTS officers are interested only in their SALARY. You don't do your duty. That's the reason India is still behind of so. Many countries. Look at Japan. They think about their country first. AMTS and all govt.department they don't want to work. Just sit and get salary.