About the Frequency of the 50

Submitted by Anonymous on 7 August 2014 - 10:28am

hell very good morning,
I am regular passenger from star bazzar to swastik char rasta. The frequency of the 50 is very poor he have to wait for the min 30 min for the bus and still if the busses comes they are literally very full no body can stand in the bus properly. we have to stand up on another persons's foot !!!

This is very irritating and more over for the Girls it is more irritating because of the full bus number of disgusting people take advantage in this kind of the situations and for the old persons this bus should be the last choice.

this bus is always full due to his root to university,swatik , navarangpura, income tax ...So please please
increase no of busses of the root.

Jay Hind !! Have very good day Ahead !!