205 was not stopped at Municipal Market Bus stand

Submitted by AMTS Info on 5 August 2013 - 6:01pm

Hello Sir/ Madam,

I am kindly informing you that today(02 - August 2013) I was standing on a 'Municipal Market Bus Stop'. At About 8:45 PM '205' bus came and I raised a hand to stop the bus , but driver did not stop the bus.

Then I went to vadaj bus stop following that bus in rickshaw. When I asked driver why he had not stopped the bus he said that I have not raised hand and conductor said exactly the following word.
"Steering is not in my hand".
Bus No. : GJ - 1 BV 8785 - MTR 35

Kindly look to my complain and please take further steps to stop this kind of actions by driver.


Note: Originally submitted as a comment on this page by Foram Ratnakar (foram.888-at-gmail[dot]com), we are posting it as a separate Forum Topic on her behalf.