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Concession Schemes for Blind, Deaf & Dumb, Handicapped and Mentally Challenged

Concession for the blind :

Civil Surgeon, RMO from Municipal General hospital or Principal of the blind school can issue certificate for 100% blindness, and an identity card is issue to the blind person for free journey in AMTS buses. The cost of the form is Rs. 5, and the same is to be duly filled in.

Concession for Deaf & Dumb :

The application from for such person’s concession is available at Lal Darwaja Ritz Hotel, Concession office at the cost of Rs. 5. The applicant has to get the certificate from civil surgeon. RMO from Municipal General Hospital or Principal of Deaf & Dump school. On Producing such certificate an identification card is issued to the beneficiary. It is valid from 1st April to 31st March and can be renewed up to years thereafter. Then the pass-holder has to apply again to get another card. There is a 50% discount on the regular bus-fare, and the identify card should always be with the pass-holder during the journey.

Concession for the Handicapped :

The application is available at Lal Darwaja Ritz Hotel, Concession office at Rs. 5 Charges. Persons with defective organs or handicapped have to bring the certificate issued by civil surgeon or RMO of municipal General Hospital, based on that an Identity card will be issued to them adhering certain rules. Defects up to 50% and with monthly income less than Rs. 1000 such applicants can travel any distance by payment of minimum amount bus ticket.

Concession for mentally challenged children and their Wards :

Such students are unable to travel alone for going to school. Hence they are eligible to obtain prepaid concession pass only for going to and coming back from their school. Their parents or wards also get such pass to accompany their child to school at the same confessional rate.



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