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from Paldi to Income Tax, there is a bus number 401 which is not mentioned here.

It also means that we're missing Route 501. We are looking into why these are missing. Thanks for the information.

48 is cancelled, not avaialabe for prahlad nagar, and instead of that 133 is extended till prahlad nagar, which is shown till lal darwaja only.

Thank you for suggesting a correction, Anonymous. We're cross-checking this and your correction will be included soon.

Dear Friend,

I am really thankful to you for your information...
but I would like to get your attention to a mistake...

The bus no. 52/2 goes through elise bridge and not the nehru bridge...

Thanking you..

Thank you for bringing the mistake to our notice. We are cross-checking this and it will be corrected soon.

Several Correction is here for website:
1) Route No. 44/1 goes to Vaishnodevi Mandir
2) Route No. 151/3 goes to Hatkeshwar not Khokhara Mahemdavad Circle
3) Route No. 33/1 from Lal Darwaja to Vaishali Township is not shown
4) Route No. 52 is extended to Nigam Society
5) Route No. 56 is extended to Iskon Mandir
6) Route No. 63 goes to Vaishnodevi Mandir and not Shayona City
7) Route No. 74 is extended to New Ranip
8) Route No. 96 goes till Kalupur
9) Route No. 71/1 is closed and not goes to Vatva
Kindly see the changes and make necessary correction.

Thank you for bringing to our notice the errors. We are cross-checking this and it will be updated soon.

Please add route no. 202 in bus list.

1 - Presently route no - 22, 89/3 and 90 is coming to Tragad. it is requested that these buses may be extended upto Nirma University to benefit the residends of near by areas.
2 - Kindly make arrangement for buses at 05 min interval from 0800 hrs to 0900 hrs as there too much rush during this period, very difficult to board the bus.
hoping for the best.


Under this scheme one can travel from 6 A.M. To 10 P.M. as many times, in any AMTS bus with a single ticket. Ticket fare for children from 3-12 years is Rs.5 and beyond that age, it is Rs.20.

Beyond age 12 , ticket charge is Rs.25 not Rs.20

Your correction has been noted and updated on the website. Thank you for your contribution.

Dear Sir,

This is a complaint regarding bus of route no 105. most of the drivers do not stop bus near the Army Camp authorised bus stop ( HANUMAN CAMP STOP) although the bus is not full. This incident has happened on most of the occassions. Pl look into the matter and instruct your staff accordingly to follow the AMTS rules.

Sunil Kumar Singh

Time for amts are not fix plese fix it first for example i an standing at krushn nagar from 2 pm for 58 number still 2:40 no bus for me so plese do something for this

It is commendable that you have given routes of buses,however it is also essential for travellers about timings and frequency of buses. Similarly it is also important to know when these buses start plying in morning and the time of last bus. With this info, commuters will be able to plan for respective office timings individually.

Thank you for appreciating the effort and providing us your valuable feedback. We too understand that it is very important to provide the users with information about the schedules of the bus-routes, but then the AMTS bus timings are too complex to comprehend in the first place, and the lack of any time-tables makes it all the more difficult to collate such information. However, we do plan to publish bus route frequencies (if not proper time-tables) to help the users further. Please also note that AMTS Info is a voluntary initiative and we're doing our best (without any monetary inputs or interests) to provide this information.

I am An engineering Student In Vishwakrma Government Engineering College,Chandkheda........I live in Ghodasar...
I used to go in 75,84 & 87 route no. buses......87 number has only 2 buses.........On the other side from visat to college there is no running bus should put down a bus from visat to VGEC,Chandkheda college......And Sometimes Buses going to chandkheda uses the RTO's Fly over And Sometimes They Don't !!!!!!!!! So plz fix the routes....and also increase the frequency of 401 ( Because Its Always crowded )......Put Up All New Buses on All Routes...And Try To Develope Ur Facilities So Ur Standard Will Be GReater Than BRTS........U are capable to provide the better service than BRTS ,then u are not providing ?????
And For Issuing The New Pass To People You Must Make Other Centres in whole Ahmedabad............I Wish U will consider my complaint soon......And I Hope U Will Take All Possible Actions Regarding To It.......Jay Hind........

In ROUTES FINDER option there must be option to add any 3rd/4th option, by this person can find bus route via middle place... like person wants to go maninaga to shivranjani, there is no direct bus for this place, so he/she can add any middle place like anjali crossing or laldarvaja in middle and from there he /she can change bus. this is very useful search option to join those route which are not direct...

In ROUTES FINDER option, there must be option when person start to write any station name, there must me down option cum to select correct spelling of that station.. Its very useful to add correct spelling of station in From and To option... as like


Javed, we have completely re-written the Route Finder, we think we have made it better. Let us know if it now works as you expect?

In route finder options are not working...

Ramesh, can you let us know if the Route Finder did not show you results for the Routes you searched or did not work at all? What were you searching for by the way?

I mean to say... that after click on option no further process will show for find the route., and how we can know that the which are the stops... then you feed the data on area wise also... that's could be more simple to us for finding the routes...

Hi Ramesh, we have re-written the Route-finder. See if it works the way you wish? or suggest us a few corrections?


We are in the process of adding schedules to each bus-route. But it is a huge task, and you might already know that AMTS Info is a voluntary service, and it is difficult to get hold of AMTS schedules.

I was also looking for timetable in the website... I am surprised to find that website is not officially backed by AMTS. If you are collecting timetable offline it will be very difficult to keep it updated all time... I feel AMTS should have provided this information on their website and made it accessible to other websites as well.

Thank you for appreciating the effort, Dharmesh. We are not collecting time-tables offline, and it is very difficult to even know if there is any such information available otherwise. If you have ideas on how to integrate time-tables (and keeping them updated) you are welcome to get in-touch.

i have lost my amts life time free pass how to i get it easily because m blind so please reply me as well as soon thank you n my mobile number is 9173389912
m waiting for your reply.

You should carry a photo-copy of your pass until you get your pass renewed. To renew you pass, however, i guess you will have to follow the standard procedure - by visiting The Passes Department, Ritz Hotel Compound, Lal Darwaja. Can somebody with experience with lost passes please help here?

I need the details of monthy pass any where travel in ahmedabad .How much price



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