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Attach a location to a Bus Stop

Kindly follow the procedure below to be able to add location information to Bus stops -

1. Login or Register

If you have not yet created an account with the site, then you should Create an account first, and then Login

2. Select the bus stop

Browse to the bus stop page for which you wish to add a location. You can do it by,

Choosing a Bus Route:

Go to List of Bus Routes and select a bus route on which your bus stop is. Then click on the stop name to go to the Bus Stop page.


You can use the search on the left sidebar of the site to find the Bus stop.

3. Edit the Bus Stop

Now that you are on the bus stop page, and if you are logged in, you should see an 'Edit' Tab just above the page. Click the 'Edit' Tab.

You will now see editable fields for the particular bus stop, like title, type and the map.

Zoom into the map to the location of the Bus-stop and 'Click' once on the map. This will place a marker over the map.

Move the marker to the desired location and then click 'Submit'. Done!

Please note that all the changes are strictly moderated, and your correction will only be refected once it is approved.



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