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Can you verify the route of this bus? I think the route is extended to cover some areas in Chadlodia too; new Bus Stands are created on New SG Road and bus 72 comes there. Some examples of such bus stands are: Shukan Residency, Vandematram City, Vishwas City 3 etc.

Thank you for this information. We are re-checking all the routes for consistency and have found that 72 is now extended to include area around Chandlodia. The update will be made soon.

Thanks for updating the route. This'll surely help passengers.

a new bus route from vasna to kalikund ( dholka) should be started in order to help the jain community to take the benefit of darshan and yatra ..
a bus route already exists upto kasindra gam and one route is also there from paldi to bakrol gam .. the authorities can think to extend the same.. and if it is felt that the route will be too ong then it may start form vasna or sarkhej instead of from paldi ..
it can be very helpful to the society.. especially the middle class families who do not own a car..
thanks my cell number is 9898988901

Hi Route of this bus has been updated, and now this bus doesn't go to Vishwakarma Mandir. Rather the route is as follows:

Silver Star Mall
Vishwas City
Vandematram Arcade
Vandematram Icon
Shayona Tilak 1

Could you please modify the bus route to reflect the same?

Hi manish, we've updated the route as per your suggestion. I think there will be more updates to the route than just the end stops. Is it possible for you to give us the complete route with changes? You can also make the changes if you have an account with the website.

Please Update route for 72 Bus...
It has been extended to sahyadri Bungalow.

Thank you. Can also also list a few other stops that have been included?

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Wow.. thanks for this amazing information . It helps us lot. from - mcx

can u please extend to bus route no.72 till Godrej Garden City.

Please start godrej garden city to 72. Bus stops are installed on 5th june 2017 but yet not started.

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